Solar Screens - Suntex 80- 90%



SOLAR SCREENS have also been referred to as "SUN SCREENS" not to be confused with Solar Panels.
These screens are hand manufactured and custom fit to be installed in front of the glass on the  windows and doors of your home or business,  filtering a majority of  the suns heat  by the created shade. This Solar Screen blocks 80-95% of the Suns hot rays before it can have a chance to enter your climate controlled enviroment.

 With our products home owners and businesses alike find new levels of comfort and energy savings while protecting the window, home and furnishings behind the solar screen.


Phifer Suntex Sun Control Screening

Phifer was established in 1952, at the top of their exterior sun control product line is Suntex, the premier sun screen which is designed to reflect, absorb and dissipate up to 95 percent of the sun’s heat  before it reaches windows glass. This results in a more comfortable indoor temperature, more efficient air conditioning and ultimately energy conservation. In fact, studies have shown that shaded windows can save up to 25% of the cost of air conditioning versus unprotected windows.
 Phifer Suntex is often imitated but never duplicated so don't get sold a generic product insisting on Genuine Suntex.
A Cool Choice's Solar Screens have been manufactured using Phifer Suntex exclusively for over 25 years, 


How do I purchase Sun screens?

Call us direct at (702) 897-2665 to schedule a FREE in home estimate.

Our estimate includes a consultation aimed at introducing you to "Sun Control" , evaluating your "Protection" needs, explaining how the different colors  work and guidance on what to expect from our high quality solar screens that are built to last 20+ years.
By the end or our appointment you will know what product will work the best for your needs and why you will want to do business with "A Cool Choice Solar Screens."


Check out this great Solar Screen product video.